My pastor friend Chris asked me to come to his church last Sunday and share “My Story…” with his congregation. God mercifully moved and ministered some profound healing to His hurting saints. There was also plenty of encouragement for the remnant who have endured great hardship and have survived to tell their own grace stories.

It was a wonderful time with some beautiful brothers and sisters, so I wanted to share the experience with you in this week’s podcast.

You’ll probably want to have 2 Corinthians 4 handy as you listen. I promise you, God will say something to you through these scriptures if you have ears to hear.

And, beloved, if your heart needs healing, this is for you.

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6 Replies to “That Sunday I Shared 5 Things That Have Sustained Me Through The Fire (Podcast #23)”

  1. You are both so Brave! Thank you for sharing your story Pastor Scott. I cried through all of it, I am healing at the moment and it was a good release. Such a strong anointing in your voice.
    It was a blessing to listen to and comfort for my soul to know that through our brokenness we truely find God and receive healing

    1. Indeed, Deanna, I particularly love the kind refrain of “the Lord is (especially) near the broken-hearted” (Psa 34:18). That’s for real people like us ‘Velveteen Rabbits’ out here. Incredibly moved by your comments here and incredibly blessed you are finding healing in your story. God’s grace, friend. Glad we’re connected on FB now too!

      1. Yes I am loving the nearness of the lord ATM although feeling like the wound is opening up more which is causing more suffering. But I feel this must happen in order to move forward. May it all be for his glory. Thank you for your kind words Scott. 😊

        1. The Lord brings you to mind again, Deanna, and I continue to ask Him to pour mercy into those still-tender wounded places. May you be blessed and running over with His joy and healing, my friend!

  2. Tears began before the introduction was complete. I k ew the Spirit was moving. God is good. He ministered to me today through this. Thank you for being you.

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