It’s post-Easter.

Sunday has already come.

In this new economy, we have the hope of our physical resurrection from this earth and translation to glory – in glorified bodies – to our forever homeland.


Indeed, that is our “Sunday, one day” reality…but we don’t much feel like we’re people of resurrection in today’s culture…and from a slowly-turning calendar.

The calendar tells us it’s (still, ‘somewhat’) Friday for us. 

  • Gethsemane ever goads us to Golgotha.
  • Waiting with the Lord one hour is our struggle too.
  • To forgive our tormentors is our mandate.
  • We’re surrounded by our own “bulls of Bashan.”
  • A secularized culture taunts our discipleship.
  • We’re saddled with a whole earth that “lies in the power of the evil one” (1Jn 5:19)
  • Injustice is everywhere.
  • Darkness covers our earth.
  • The bread of adversity and water of affliction (Isa 30:20) is our communion.

What, then, is our play? 

How do we make it to Sunday?

How do we BE a people of Sunday?

In today’s podcast* (#25), the first of a two-parter I got to preach to my former congregation, we’ll try to navigate through this dilemma with five practical and hopeful revelations from John 19:24-27.

Join me, won’t you?

* I apologize as the quality of the recording is lacking…but the message is so important! Thank you for sticking through!!!


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