From the picture you may deduce that coffee is a wonderful conductor for hearing God’s voice. There’s only one cup – not because I’m inhospitable – but because John won’t drink it. At all. Nuts, huh? But he still hears God…somehow

Join me, won’t you, for a second sit-down with my friend and mentor, John Brown. Our dialogue is about hearing the voice of God and distinguishing His voice from our own, or from a more nefarious source.

Oh No, He Didn’t! Did He?

In today’s episode, John gets downright personal, sharing two stories (of his many!), recounting crucial moments when the voice of God was needed – as much for others as for himself. These stories will have your jaw hitting the floor!

In the previous segment, we learned there is both the hearing of faith (God speaking in our time) and the obedience of faith (His love language is our obedience) to complete the circle of communication.

The Definition of Faith

The scripture tells us “faith comes by hearing and that such hearing comes by the RHEMA (the specific message we hear in a moment) of Christ (Romans 10:17).” Faith always starts with God.

We’ve already uncovered the truth that hearing is ineffectual without the doing, so, using this revelation we discover that faith is defined as both hearing the life-giving Words of Christ (which are never in conflict with the written Word) and carrying out whatever the message instructs.

A Freebie!

John references a book that changed his thinking on the matter of God speaking to us. That book, Remarkable Miracles by G.C. Bevington can be found here. I’ve too been greatly blessed to read it and will get a copy to the first one who emails me your request along with your mailing information.

Part 3 of this dialogue on hearing God will be posted on Friday as I’m running a day behind on my postings this week due to circumstances beyond my control.

Hey! Thank you for listening. If you have any gripes or criticisms, address them to John. Any praises, I’m all ears.

Here’s to HEARING!



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5 Replies to “How To Hear God: A Conversation With John Brown, Pt. 2”

  1. Wow! I have heard this before, but today was the perfect day to revisit. He is taking me on a little journey that makes this the perfect word for the moment. Thanks for doing this. Love both you guys!

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