This week I sat down with my father in the faith and asked him about hearing God’s voice for ourselves. As per usual, John was insightful, humble and quotable. I’m honored to share with you, in these series of podcasts, my friend and mentor, John Brown.

This first episode looks at the foundation of our hearing. Is there scriptural precedent for the hearing of faith in contemporary, post-apostolic, times? I appreciate so much what John said in keeping balance with – and providing the safeguard against – the tendency of some to “hear” spurious words and count them as divine.

“The truth is, we cannot know whether or not it is God speaking  – that is, His speaking ‘in the now’ – without the guidance of what has been written in His Word.”

Does God speak today? Can we know Him intimately with such intimate dialogue as saints of old enjoyed? Thank you for listening to this edition of The Pasture’s Podcast: I pray some of your own questions will be answered on the subject!

(Parts 2 and 3 will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, and you DO NOT want to miss them!)

Music Credit: Máire Brennan, Follow the Word

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