Even the slimmest of light

on the  d a r k e s t  of nights

draws the heart



The Avenues, Marietta, GA ©Scott Mitchell
The Avenues, Marietta, GA
©Scott Mitchell

Psalms 42:8
By day the LORD commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me [a prayer to the God of my life].

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2 Replies to “Glimmer of Hope”

  1. My dear friend and brother… I am here today in response to the Spirit’s work… I’m praying for you, because He has put you on my heart. Over the years, I believe that He gives us time to reflect on the folks who have touched us, and poured goodness into us. You, my dear brother, are one such person for my family and I. I miss you, and do pray this finds you blessed.

    1. Just wow, Don! Bless you. Your kind, peace-offering, encouraging manner has always been a blessing to me. Thank you for being among those who made my pastorate a raving delight. God shed His richest mercies on you all! I’m so blessed and touched by your blessing here, brother!

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