I’ve been waiting for the question that hasn’t come. But it will, I’m sure of it. 

“Scott, aren’t you even a tad jealous that Kevin Everett will likely retrieve all his bodily functions and mobility after suffering a potentially grave spinal cord injury?”

This is going to sound weird, I know, but Kevin should be jealous of me.  Hear me out.  Kevin Everett is the tight end for the Buffalo Bills who sustained a near-crippling injury while making a tackle in Sunday’s NFL season opener.  He launched at his opponent, driving his helmet into the player’s chest and immediately crumpled to the ground.  Early indications were that he would be paralyzed for life, his career in football over in seconds.  Twenty-four hours later we were hearing he was voluntarily moving his arms and legs and his doctors were hopeful even of a full recovery and return to normal life.

Two roads, he and I, with two patently different outcomes.

When I blew a gust of relieved air with the rest of America, I steeled my mind on the truth of God’s sovereignty.  One man’s miracle is another man’s blessing.  Sure, the enemy was there with his typical suggestions: “…it’s not fair, is it, Scott?  You didn’t get the same break, did you?  God is so cruel!  I’ve been listening to your prayers for your own healing for almost 26 years now…and what?  Nothing.  Still stuck in that wheelchair!  And you’re a, what, preacher of the Gospel?  You’d think your Father would look out for you…” 

But I sit here, clacking away at these keys, a blessed man!

(Nice try, Slewfoot.)

The fact I am in a wheelchair does not mean I have not been healed.  Oh, I have, believe me!  My paralysis is a pathway to glory and I am resting in the knowledge that my Maker has set me apart for a privileged season in His sun.  He’s given me a break.  You want to know Me?  Your brokenness is the essential way.  The same Apostle who said his own suffering was working for him an eternal weight of glory, said that in the life to come some will shine like the sun, some like the moon and others like the stars in glory.  I’m after the former.

I am thrilled for Mr. Everett but I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything.  Years ago I picked up a copy of Jerry Bridges’ Trusting God Even When Life Hurts and found in its pages the answer to my soul’s questions and even now, years later, find myself referring to its basic tenets time and again.  Mr. Bridges says that God is sovereign, meaning He can do whatever He wants because He is God.  He says He is also all-wise and His children can draw comfort from the fact that while God can do whatever He wants, He knows exactly what He is doing.  Everything He does has purpose.  The third truth pouring from its pages is that God is all-loving.  Ah, this is the most comforting unguent of all!  While God does as He chooses, He always does it in view of His own glory, and always, always, for our eternal good.

This is the God of my life and I am determined to follow Him through every vale of sorrow, every mile of struggle, and every season of loss and despair.  I can do this because the broken road is the blessed road and my Savior walks it with me.  Had feeling been restored to me on October 3, 1981 (the day “after”) and the next 26 years been “normal” for me, I have some doubt whether I would have known the Lord as intimately as I do tonight.  Perhaps yes, perhaps no.  I leave even that to His sovereignty.

I praise the God who sits on the circle of the earth, over those who walk and those who don’t.  Over those who succumb to disease and those who get well.  Over those who serve Him and those who shake their fists at Him.  Makes no difference.  He is Lord.

One last thing.  There was a time when I could sit down (well, of course I’d be sitting!) and write song after song.  Interesting that it was in the early years of my disability and I probably wrote three dozen tunes.  One of the songs that flowed out of my belly pretty much sums up how I feel about these matters.  Mind you, the lyrics were written over 25 years ago and they show some youth, but they are just as real for me today as they were in the early 80’s.  To the praise of His glorious grace!  


I know I can’t walk around and at times it gets me down
But He knows and I’m kept by Jesus’ love
There’s so many things I’d like to do
Run a race and win one too
But He knows and that’s enough for me 

He knows how much my spirit can stand
He’s so concerned for my good
He is so wise and He hears all my cries
He knows what’s best for me

Sometimes it’s hard to pray when He seems so far away
But He’s there and He’s listening to my heart
He reaches down in love
From His heavenly throne above
‘Cause He knows what I need the very most

And when my life is done
And my crown of life is won
Then I’ll know my pain was worth it all…

It’s my guess that the question I’m still waiting for won’t come after you read this.  Oh, one more thing.  Please don’t think I am being haughty and patting myself on the back.  The truest thing I know is this: none of this comes from me.  Only God could take a broken man’s life and give it meaning and rhyme. 

And Father knows best.

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23 Replies to “Father Knows Best”

  1. I thank God that He uses the difficulties and adversity in our lives to our good….
    which is His good.

    I know that in my own life He has even used the adversity that I have brought upon myself.
    Now THAT is a loving God!

    Well Scott, I think that I might be a little slow in comprehending here…
    I’m sure that I have missed something along the way…
    Here is My question for you…

    “What in tar nation is the question that won’t be asked!?!”

    There was one Christian worker quoted as saying, “God’s care for the worker?
    God cares nothing for His workers…”

    Sounds harsh, I know, but… I get it.

    Actually, He does care….
    He cares enough to utilize and/or orchestrate whatever circumstances we find ourselves in for His purpose and our good.

    He has gained much ground in you sir,..much ground…

  2. JT, man, you’ve done it AGAIN! You’ve managed to make your comment better than my post! Will you quit that? Give a guy a break!

    You have a depth of ginosko (intimate knowledge) of our Lord…I imagine the fallen angels saying stuff like, “Jesus I know and JT I know…” Bless you, fellow laborer and bearer of Christ’s easy yoke. Oh, and the question? It’s right under the opening line…


  3. Hey, I appreciate it…
    but maybe I’m just really good at saying the exact same things as other people…only in a slightly different way.


    But seriously Scott….

    I hope you never (although I know we do sometimes) lose sight of the blessing that so many others might consider to be a curse.

    Your ‘loss’ has been the gain for soooo many others…and for the kingdom of God.
    As I’ve said before ( in other times and places) I have yet to meet you face to face, but I have been greatly blessed by the writings you leave for the People (much like your Father).

    Your strength is Jesus Christ!

  4. My earthly hero used to be Jeanne Guyon. You just replaced her.

    As Johnny said above, the testimony of your life and living has been of immeasurable worth to those of us who are blessed to know you.

  5. Hey Scotty–

    When I heard about Kevin’s injury, my thoughts were immediately of you and how God has blessed you through the injury. I see it as both of you experiencing miracles–for Kevin, it is the miracle of being able to walk again. For you, God using you as a trophy of His grace in touching the lives of countless others whose injuries may be both seen and unseen. I rejoice for Kevin but I also rejoice for you as a messenger of His love and grace towards others through the injury.

  6. Dear Pastor:
    Oh to shine for His Glory and the NEED for that in this hour!!!!! Oh to lay ourselves available to the furnaces of this life in the knowing and with the knowing of Who has gone before us. To be brought into accord with His great plan and purpose and Him receiving all that His due to His Name. The sight of being His child. The exhilirating of the heart that comes from KNOWING Him by fellowshiping with His sufferings and receiving from His hand alone peace and hope. It is well said in the above comment-“A Trophy of His Grace.” Just a thought-A love song being sung over you that doesn’t end and keeps getting sweeter and louder and is being shared with all those that the Lord has purposed you to meet and greet in His precious Name.
    Burn bright brother!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scott, I love you man. We are drawn to you. When I see you I see love and feel loved. My grandsons saw it instantly.

    What is this amazing love? Oh, You know Lord, You know … and so do I!

    The answer to the question is Jesus Christ.

    Father, bless our Brother Scott and let this fountain of Living Water You have created in him continue to well up to a never ending stream!

  8. KaKa, do you know how hard it was to just find a tape with that song on it? I searched for DAYS! And to think, all I needed to do was have you sing it to me on the phone! What’s it say when the writer has to have someone else give the words to his own song? (I’m getting old, I think)

  9. Hello Jeff, my Aloha Buddy!

    Through the years you’ve been one cool encourager, brother. Often there with words that energize and inspire. You’ve done it again, friend. I’m truly humbled by you and those who remind me it is Christ in me! He is the Hope, the Light, the Reason. Amen! As JT says, He is mine and, Jeff, He is yours.

  10. Wow, Evelyn! You should be a coach giving a halftime speech! When I read you, I wanted to go out and tackle everything in sight. By God’s great grace, I will submit myself to do exactly as you inspired: I purpose to allow God to burn in and through me till the day He comes for me.

  11. Hi, my precious Jessica! How cool it was to see you on Sunday morning, loading up in the van and headed for the downtown ministry to the homeless. May you be an example for all our youth to go to the dangerous places, if necessary, to carry the Light of Christ! So young you are, and yet so fearless! Bless you!

  12. Morning Don! I am RICH in Christ and with friends like you! I receive that blessing and here is one of my own for you: “Great Lord, bless the house of Don this day, for he has often refreshed me. Do this for him. Treat him with a superabundance of kindness; grace following grace,and wonders of Your Life piled high and overlowing.”

  13. Hi Pastor! Just want you to know I am praying for you as we embark on this “new leg” of a marvelous journey to a place we’ve never been before. Please remember we are all in this together! If we veer off the main trail a time or two – so what! EACH part of the trip will draw us closer to our LORD and to each other as His Body. There will be purpose in the dirt roads as well as the super highway.

    LORD, strengthen Scott in his inner spirit as You pour Yourself into him. Give him boldness of speech and courage go forth in Your faith.

    Love you, Pastor!


  14. Pasture Scott, that whole post was beautiful, but these words sunk deep into my heart:
    “…the broken road is the blessed road and my Savior walks it with me…”

    Thank you.

  15. Dear Sir,

    I came upon your website today (I think my browser misdirected me). Anyway, I read this article with such joy; it is only recently that I am starting to learn that “the cross is the kiss of Christ,” as one of my friends is fond of saying.

    Your faith and joy are very inspiring. May God bless and keep you, and may the peace of Christ be with you always.


    Mr. Graves

  16. Hi. I found your blog after doing a search for “laminin” and ended up on this post. What an amazing example of God’s grace at work! Thank you for sharing this. It has encouraged my soul this morning, and for that I’m grateful!

  17. Emily, how gracious you are! I went over to your blog (it’s beautiful, by the way) and was “captivated” by your poem. I invite all my readers to go to her site (just click on her name above) and find its link in the left column. Beautiful! Just amazing! Just as HE is!

  18. thank you for your kind encouragement (I really had fun creating the site!).

    God is amazing – that he could use our feeble words to bring encouragement to each other and point us to His greatness! How cool! 🙂

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