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Today begins Advent and each of the next five weeks, I’d like to share some meditations on the people of the Christmas story from the two gospels that give us the most information about it: Matthew and Luke.

It’s fitting that we begin our Advent meditations on this final day of November – the forerunner of December – by talking about the forerunner of Messiah: John, the cousin of Jesus.

John used his role to point to the Greater One…

…But he had to accept his role, too.

Did he?

Could he accept the fact that his younger cousin deserved top billing?

Was he okay with being the set-up man?

Listen to his own words, and a few words about him:

John 1:15
(John bore witness about him, and cried out, “This was he of whom I said, He who comes after me ranks before me, because he was before me.’”)

Talking about his younger cousin, he said:

John 3:30
He must increase, but I must decrease.”

And His younger Cousin had these curious about him:

Matthew 11:11
Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

That’s the Spirit of the Christmas Story, beloved…

…Listen today as we talk about John on the Pasture’s Podcast.

Running Time: 19m, 56s

Post Author: Pasturescott

2 Replies to “Sunday Podcast: Advent Meditation #1, The People of Christmas: John”

  1. Scott,

    Thank you for the meditation on the Advent of Christ. I work the midnight shift and can’t attend my church, but every other Sunday. I want to reflect my Savior at my work place at this holiday season and all through the year. Thank you for your words today.

    1. Joyce, how kind of you to listen and comment! I give thanks that you were blessed by the message and your encouragement is confirmation and impetus for me to continue! Thank you for living the gospel where you are employed – my wife also works the night shift and we know how challenging it can be.

      Thank you again, Joyce. Your kind reply made my day!

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