Something weird and a bit unsettling happened just moments ago. Snugly nestled for the night, the house all peaceful and still with Maybell (our accidental canine) tucked in and Sandy at her late-shift place of work, I sighed and laid my head back. All alone. Suddenly from the front of the house, I heard a faint sound. I lifted my head off the pillow and craned my neck to listen more closely and a growing sickness rose within as it dawned on me what it was.

The CD player in the kitchen began playing.

There were the diminutive sounds of a piano at first, then the airy rising of the woodwinds—signature classical sound. Only, I wasn’t enjoying the music. My stomach knotted and my heart raced as I pictured a hockey-masked intruder with murder on his mind having some fun with a handicapped man. Too many gory thrillers from my youth, I know. As I peck this out, the music is still playing and I am still uncertain because this has never happened before. But I think I know what is going on. Sandy must’ve put a CD in the carousel and inadvertently programmed it to play at midnight. No, she is not a prankster, and, yes, she will be horrified to know she caused her husband untold fright. It’s all okay. I’ve got Jesus here with me and He’s my Nightlight (Ps 27:1). But not only that, He’s also my Bodyguard.

I could be wrong, but I think He likes classical music.


P.S. The music just quit, and so did my heart. I’m not kidding. Just like that.

P.S.S. It’s now 2:30 a.m. and I’m being serenaded again…well, isn’t that just grand

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3 Replies to “Jesus Is My Nightlight”

  1. Goodness, I know unexpected noises can be scary at night. Glad you are ok. Tell me more about Maybell (your accidental canine).

  2. Yes, April, I’m still here. Whew! Truthfully, it became more funny than frightening…anyway…Maybell? What I meant was: we came by her quite by ‘accident’. Our former dog (Trixie) was pregnant when we thought she was fixed. She was only 6 or 7 months old! Weren’t we the surprised ones to realize one morning on the rug that we were the proud owners of TWO dogs…six weeks later, Trixie, frightened by a storm, ran away never to be seen again. At least we have Maybell…the ‘wonder’ dog (i.e., I ‘wonder’ why we have her (just kidding–almost)

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