You don’t know Jack.

But you will.

Jack’s one of my “young lions” (you’ve read and met several of them on this site over the months and years): guys in their 20’s who are interested in more than just the “American Dream” for their lives. They have spotted a treasure in a field(1) and are spending these seminal years gathering their ‘talents and minas’ so they can buy that field. No holds barred. Nothing held back. All for King and Kingdom.

These are young men who, like Jack, are violently struggling to stand against the current tides of culture, and seeking the ancient and apostolic faith that turned the world (in their era) upside down. They are just foolish enough to believe the same can happen in their time.

Recently, Jack approached me to mentor him weekly and in one of our earlier meet-ups I asked him to compose a mission statement for his life.


The very next week he came prepared, and as he read his personal manifesto, I was admittedly moved and asked if it might be reproduced here for my readers. He graciously obliged. As you read, remember that there’s an entire ‘army’ of Jacks being called out of the earth whose passion is to live out these very things for the glory of Christ.

Does it encourage you? It certainly does me.

Mission Statement

To learn,

to observe,

to trust,

to love,

to exemplify.

To obtain knowledge but let it access my heart and not just my head.

To remain teachable, humble and vulnerable to correction by both leadership and the Holy Spirit.

To use my gifts to glorify God,

edify the body,

and speak truth speak truth myself.

To love with no expectation.

To challenge the mundane.

To show compassion to the hurting.

To keep my eyes open to serve.

To honor those in authority in every area of my life.

To embrace grace and profess truth.

To speak life into dead situations.

To be joyful,


and show people the unreserved love that God demonstrates to me daily.

To be less, and have more of God.

To be everything God sees in his son Jack Roper.

To create a life of peace with those I encounter.

To understand those who don’t believe.

To not choose when or who I want to serve, love and show grace to.

To grow more in love with the Lover of my soul,

my Father,


and Purpose,

my best Friend.

You’ll be hearing from Jack again pretty soon. He has a harrowing personal story that is his to tell – a story of devastation, depression, and hope leading to overcoming faith and forgiveness. You’ll want to stay tuned.

Oh, and pray for Jack this weekend. He’s been asked yet again to speak at Vida Nueva of North Georgia, a gathering of teens who have already expressed their own desire to live out the very ideals Jack expressed.

Oh for a sweet, sweeping, and lasting move of God! 


(1)Matthew 13:44

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