Funny thing about rainbows, they’re actually circles, not half-arcs. Obviously they look like arches to us because of our limited perspective, seeing only half the story because the horizon kind of gets in the way.

My lovely spotted the colorful band stretched over the cemetery where our son’s body was laid to rest last Christmas as we made our approach. It was our thirty-first wedding anniversary and we wanted to share our celebration with our boy. Sandy often wants me to drive the long way around Mozley Gardens to pay respects to any of Graham’s new “neighbors” before we park at his marker, so I was poking along scanning the lawns out my driver’s side window when I heard her exclaim:

“Oh honey, look!”

I followed her graceful index finger as it stretched toward the windshield.


A bow of beauty.

The Sovereign had kissed our evening by finger-painting a swath of grace over our Gra-Gra.

Well, that’s all she wrote. We were undone. Verklempt. A wet mess.

In a good way.

“I know about the promise of God to not destroy the earth with floods,” my bride offered, “but what else do you think God is saying?”

I was already in that vein, the Bible teacher in me calling up the Revelator’s vision of God on His throne in His abode of heaven. Verse three says “around the throne” was a rainbow and a quick study suggests it’s a full circle, as rainbows tend to be.

A perfect circle.

No beginning, no end. No pause, no break. No altered course, but fulfillment and wholeness.


God said, “look up.”

We lifted our watery eyes.

“See My initials in sweeping, color-laden script?”

We indeed saw the stamp of Resurrection.

The “all things new” seal of Certainty.

We’re two still-grieving parents encased in the drama of loss, sighing at the memories and could-have-beens, making our repeated pilgrimage to the sacred stone…



…gently carried all the while (yet again!) by everlasting Arms that scaffold our temporal home with rainbows to remind us

that Eternity awaits,

that these eyes only see half the picture,

that the Best is yet to be,

that the grace that pavilions us in these years of dust and ash,

will give way to Endless Dawn, forever illuminated by the Sun and Daystar of our souls, Jesus the Christ and Father of Lights.

That rainbow reminded us that His exhaustive archives of eternity and our place (and Graham’s!!!) in the Eternal Story is not a half-arc (half done), but a complete arc, and – my beloved fellow pilgrim – let it serve to tell you that God wastes none of your raw materials in preparing you for His Glory. All of it goes into the flourish of His finishing touches.

Just look up.

It’s there to remind you.

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13 Replies to “An Amazing Thing Happened On The Way To Our Son’s Grave”

  1. Beautiful! God is so good and always meets us right where we are with what we need…Him.
    Sending much love & prayers.

  2. Beautifully written, giving us yet another clear picture of what the two of you are experiencing. Thank you for uplifting all of us with your words of faith and courage in the midst of ongoing grief. Continuing to pray with love and gratitude for knowing you.

  3. Amen! Thank you for your inspirational and beautiful words. Insight that we all need to hear more often. Prayers for strength and gratitude on your journey of grief.

    1. Florence, I have gotten the greatest thrill from your comment! I’m so humbled to hear from a friend across the…where? Pond? Oceans? Just so neat to hear from you! I’m blessed that you were blessed.

      1. May the Lord continue to bless you both in this new year with His bountiful grace and strength for each new day knowing that we are looking for the Glorious Appearing of our Lord and Savior . He is our Hope!

  4. Pastor Scott and Sandy
    I belong to west Huntsville baptist and I have had the honor
    of meeting you and hearing you preach.I have prayed for you many times
    and your faith inspires me so. I love your story of the rainbow and how our sweet
    Father is our complete circle of eternal love.
    GOD bless you both and thank you again for the inspiration and hope
    you give😊

    1. Jan, that makes us family! I love you and the GREAT fellowship in Huntsville! Y’all are pretty important to us and have covered us with gracious generosity for over 30 years! Thank you, Jan, for this sweet encouragement.

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