Robert Louis Stevenson often told the vivid story of a harrowing storm at sea and a passenger ship that rode upon it.

One passenger, against orders, climbed the stairway to the main deck and found the pilot of the ship strapped to the wheel, fighting against the waves, unflinching and unyielding.

The pilot looked to the terror-stricken man and offered a reassuring smile. In the face of such grave danger, it was the oddest, yet most comforting display.

The lone passenger, whose own countenance had changed, returned below and immediately comforted the other passengers:

I have seen the face of the pilot and he smiled. All is well!”

All is indeed well, o soul tossed about and fearful. You’re focused on the high waves that lash against your vessel, but the One who pilots you along is smiling assuredly…

and the waves and wind still know His Name!

I’m adding a fitting benediction to this quick, encouraging post. Enjoy Kristene Dimarco’s soulful melody, “It Is Well” and rest safe in the belly of your storm-tossed ark today.


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