From Dot to Da Vinci

Just a pen and paper.

And the ability to draw a line.

Resulting in:


Chan Hwee Chong, Singaporean artist, has taken a handful of history’s most recognizable art and recreated pieces by Van Gogh, Vermeer and da Vinci in a most astounding way.

It’s called “spiral ink drawing” and Chan Hwee is truly a grand master at this art form. Amazingly, only one long continuous line, spiraling outward from the center, picking up all the nuance and genius of the mimicked works, constitutes the craft. Like so:


He also tackled Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait down to the minutest detail.

I suppose an obvious illustration arises from such art. In meta fashion, just as each of these elaborate drawings began from a singular point, moving outward across the span of the canvas, so the incomparable beauty of all creation spun out from the Creator-Artist’s very original – yet uncopied – design and across the space/time platform.

Thank you, Mr. Chong, for so masterfully illustrating this for us!

Just think. Chan Hwee used merely a pen and page for his work – though it took months to complete.

Our God did this – and billions more just like it – with a single command, in a split second of time, and yet His creation is still echoing into eternity:



Here’s more about Mr. Chong’s scintillating work from and The Daily Mail (UK).

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Do you have trouble sleeping?

While I can stay in REM sleep during a hurricane giving birth to an F4 tornado while fireballs bomb my neighborhood and earthquakes converge on my home as a freight train rumbles past my bedroom window, my beloved bride, on the other hand, struggles with sleep. We’re talking –

STRUHG. GUHLE. [Read more...]

Top 10 Christian Blogs


If my blog is a shed behind a small cottage on a rural country lane, these blogs are the high-rise penthouse suites in the most expensive neighborhood of a posh district.

If I’m a storefront church in a small town, these are the mega churches in a thriving metropolitan city.

If I’m a single-celled amoeba…

Well, you get the idea.

These are the big dogs when it comes to blogging about faith-related issues.

If you want to see where most of your brethren and sisteren gather for bloggy inspiration, these are they:

  1. A Holy Experience with Ann Voskamp
  2. Challies with Tim Challies
  3. Christian Personal Finance with Bob Lotich
  4. Fr. Z’s Blog with John Zuhlsdorf
  5. Rachel Held Evans’ Blog with Rachel Held Evans
  6. Albert Mohler’s Blog with Albert Mohler
  7. Storyline with Donald Miller
  8. Thom S. Ranier with Thom Rainer
  9. Beyond Evangelical with Frank Viola
  10. Jarrid Wilson with Jarrid Wilson

Happy reading, y’all!

Oh, and if you see something up there you think is hinky or wonky doctrine-wise, remember, I’m only the post-er. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Or you can just blame it on Jeremy Myers because I got the list from his blog – which is also a big hitter among christian blogs.


33 Things My Suffering Has Taught Me About God


33 years ago this month I ‘tithed’ my legs to God. You don’t believe me? The righteous Lord is my witness, I asked the Father to change my whole life – my ways and destiny – and offered my legs on the altar of surrender as a sign I recognized Him as the owner of all of me.

Just as Christ was three days in the tomb and Jonah was three days in the belly of the great fish, I was in limbo for three days, waiting on the Father to act.

And on Friday night – three days later – He did. (Read about it in My Story on the menu bar above)

When I was a severely ‘backslidden’ college junior, my eldest sister was deeply burdened for her miserable brother and sent a brief epistle outlining her sisterly concern. Her words spoke life to my dead bones and fueled my desperation to leave my wretched, lost condition far behind and pursue that for which Christ had pursued me.

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The Coolest Music On Earth (And Beyond)

Let all things join together in a concert of praise to the name of the Eternal, for He gave the command and they were created.

Everything on earth, join in and praise the Eternal; sea monsters and creatures of the deep…All you animals both wild and tame, reptiles and birds who take flight: praise the Lord!

(Psa 148:5-10, The Voice Bible)

Where were you…when the morning stars sang together?

(Job 38:4,7)

God must really love music. He’s obviously a marvelous composer and conductor, as these videos testify. The bible even tells us He has been known to croon love songs over His people. (Zeph 3.17)

Whether with birds, whales or stars, all nature is a symphony to His matchless magnificence.

For instance…

Birds on a wire…

And then there’s whales and stars…

(The expanded version)

As you venture out today, keep your ear tuned to the music of creation. Take moments to stop and listen.

As birds sing.

Leaves flutter.

Breezes caress the trees.

To a baby’s giggle.

A couple’s laughter.

Listen up! You never know what instrument God will use.

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Going For Gold

Old Testament Job said that.

I’ve wondered: why gold?

Aside from the obvious, I mean, are there other reasons for gold being a standard God is working to mine in us?

That’s right: He’s doing it. It’s His work and if it’s what He’s after in us, shouldn’t we let Him? Get the gold?

There is a catch, however: it will hurt like the dickens.

As it turns out, Job is inspired to hope for gold – not merely for literary expression or poetic metric, but because of its all-encompassing, over-arching, and far-reaching value.

God moved in my own heart years ago to make Job’s cry my own and I began to ask…to be gold…and He began to answer. Again, it’s not for the faint of heart because the process is sorely painful. To move raw gold to its purest form requires fire and pressure.

But I was desperate. I needed a change, stat.

And so I began making my prayer, Lord, make my life gold…for Your glory.”

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