Glimmer of Hope

The Avenues, Marietta, GA
©Scott Mitchell

Even the slimmest of light on the  d a r k e s t  of nights draws the heart toward HOPE. Psalms 42:8 By day the LORD commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me [a prayer to the God of my life].

How Long, Lord?


Mr. Spurgeon prayed this before his congregation more than 150 years ago. It’s still on the lips of groaning saints the world over… “Let all nations know their God. Wherever there are wars and strife, let them cease when the end is answered. Let slavery loose her fetters; let liberty reign everywhere. Let the Advent […]

Preaching Is For The Birds


A friend called today. Said he’s going to have to start calling me “Pastor Audubon” what with all my online bird photos. I’m not what you’d call a birder but I suppose that might be in my future. I’m fascinated by the variety of birds that visit my backyard. Nuthatches, titmouses, finches (gold, purple and […]

He Owns The Night

Well, well, well. As my son used to say, “lookee here, lookee here!” A pretty cool reminder for those who think God has somehow checked out or relinquished the reins to all the crazies out there: Psalms 74:16 – “Yours is the day… (Wait for it) . . . . . (Wait for it) . […]

So You’re Contemplating An Affair? Hold Everything.


Can a man [or woman] heap fiery coals [of forbidden lust] in their lap and not be burned? – Prov 6:27 May you rejoice in the wife of your youth…may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love. – Prov 5:18,19 I know. This is quite a departure from the […]

Why Baptism Is Way More Than Just Getting Wet


“By this action [i.e., baptism] you died and you were born, and for you the saving water was at once a grave and the womb of a mother.” – Cyril of Jerusalem, 4th c. It is far more than a symbol. It might even be said it’s more than a sacrament (an outward sign of […]

DeShawn To The Rescue

I asked DeShawn if I might get his picture but he was a bit skittish about that… very humble dude…

    Feeling moved to give a witness. Quite recently I was stuck in my wheelchair for 4 1/2 hours. No, not in my yard as per usual, but in my house. A faulty motor kept me in a full tilt position preventing me from forward motion, everything vital to my daily needs well out […]