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Glorious Assignment

Not to put too fine a point to it, this is the grand sum of all I want my life to broadcast.*

Jesus, it’s my joy. Whatever the price, whatever the burden.

You are worth anything…and everything.

To the praise of Your infinitely glorious Grace. Amen

*It’s probably already clear enough from previous testimony, but the only “me” I want others to recognize is Jesus in and through me. Anything other falls prodigiously short.


The More You Noah


I took a couple of my young lions to see Noah, thinking it would be a possible activity for the larger group of millennials to do together in a couple weeks. We were sorta scouting it out.


Friday night.

Me and the boys.

What could go wrong?

A third of the way in, I was uneasy. The next third I was squirming. The final third I was seasick – and not from the flood. To put it in perspective, I turned on my Twitter and set to tweeting my real-time commentaries.







With apologies, the third tweet down should’ve read “un-Message Bible”. Sorry, Mr. Peterson.

I could opine endlessly about Noah (the Aronofsky “Rocked-out” version, not the factual Genesis account), but I’m going to leave that to these two guys. I’ve read many outtakes and takeaways from this epic-ally stupefying film, but these two are the best on the internet that I’ve found. I promise, no Rock-people.

Matt Walsh’s “I’m a Christian and I Think Noah Deserves Four Stars” (Not what you think)


Dr. Brian Mattson’s “Sympathy For The Devil” (It’ll make you thiiiink!)

Take it away, gents. Get us to shore. Safely.

A Chosen Generation

Psalms 24:6
Such is the generation of those who seek him,
who seek the face of the God of Jacob.

Miley has her Wrecking Ball, but the Almighty is wrecking a set-apart generation for the beautiful sake of His Son, Jesus.


They are of Jacob’s generation: they are seeking the fullness of the LORD

They are of Joshua’s generation: they will boldly take possession of the land

They are of John’s generation: they are forerunners and make way for the Coming of the LORD


You haven’t lived until you’ve filled your living room with worshipping millennials, letting them find the Father’s heart, and adding theirs to the infinite symphony of redeemed creation. This is what God is doing in the earth: He’s making His Name a praise among the nations through this amazing generation.

Sandy and I are HONORED to sit close enough to sense the stirring of this divine phenomenon week in and week out through the beautiful souls that make up our extended family.

I caught this video and, though these are not the faces of our kids in the faith, they could easily be superimposed over these. My wife and I love them beyond words and affirm their favored standing before their Father of creation.

We’re praying huge things over them; we’re asking God to receive for Himself His inheritance in them and that the Lamb of God would receive the reward of His suffering in their forever-ruined-for-Jesus testimonies.

Yes, Lord. Amen.


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