Thorns & Grace

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Today I bemoan yet another day my recent path of affliction has ruined. And on Sunday, no less. Well, pooh. This being called to a life of suffering for over thirty years, while never running lean on grace, has its moments with frustration. So thankful that, on this ‘day of perpetual reminding’ – the reminding of […]

How To Hear God: A Conversation With John Brown, Pt 3

John Brown

*     *     *     * John Brown is my friend. He is also my brother and mentor, but, because mentor misses a certain organic nuance, I prefer to name him as a spiritual father the Lord has given to me. For the past fifteen years, John has willingly and graciously […]

Word Of God, Speak…

I'll be posting Part 3 of my 'Hearing God' dialogue with John later today, but I wanted to contribute this piece to further punctuate the ethos of this vital conversation. 
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And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it…” (Isaiah 30:21) *     *     *     * That verse is lifted from a scriptural context forecasting the future operation of the Holy Spirit with His people. It’s not solely for apostolic times, it’s […]

How To Hear God: A Conversation With John Brown, Pt. 2


Join me, won’t you, for a second sit-down with my friend and mentor, John Brown. Our dialogue is about hearing the voice of God and distinguishing His voice from our own, or from a more nefarious source. Oh No, He Didn’t! Did He? In today’s episode, John gets downright personal, sharing two stories (of his […]

How To Hear God: A Conversation with John Brown, Pt. 1


This week I sat down with my father in the faith and asked him about hearing God’s voice for ourselves. As per usual, John was insightful, humble and quotable. I’m honored to share with you, in these series of podcasts, my friend and mentor, John Brown. This first episode looks at the foundation of our […]

A Prayer For Chill People


So love this “Prayer For Grace When Things Are Going Well” by Scotty Ward Smith. It’s posted over on the TGC blog but I thought it was too good to make you find it on your own. So, to my ‘chill’ readers on this wet Friday (where I am anyway), here ya go. Enjoy!   Two […]

The ‘300’…and 18


This is some overflow material I couldn’t fit into my last podcast but too good to leave off.  *     *     *     * I’m around a bunch of twenty-something guys who love their high-octane, testosterone-soaked, full-bore, action-packed movies. I get it. I like ’em too, though explosions, car chases and violence are […]