If my blog is a shed behind a small cottage on a rural country lane, these blogs are the high-rise penthouse suites in the most expensive neighborhood of a posh district.

If I’m a storefront church in a small town, these are the mega churches in a thriving metropolitan city.

If I’m a single-celled amoeba…

Well, you get the idea.

These are the big dogs when it comes to blogging about faith-related issues.

If you want to see where most of your brethren and sisteren gather for bloggy inspiration, these are they:

  1. A Holy Experience with Ann Voskamp
  2. Challies with Tim Challies
  3. Christian Personal Finance with Bob Lotich
  4. Fr. Z’s Blog with John Zuhlsdorf
  5. Rachel Held Evans’ Blog with Rachel Held Evans
  6. Albert Mohler’s Blog with Albert Mohler
  7. Storyline with Donald Miller
  8. Thom S. Ranier with Thom Rainer
  9. Beyond Evangelical with Frank Viola
  10. Jarrid Wilson with Jarrid Wilson

Happy reading, y’all!

Oh, and if you see something up there you think is hinky or wonky doctrine-wise, remember, I’m only the post-er. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Or you can just blame it on Jeremy Myers because I got the list from his blog – which is also a big hitter among christian blogs.


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