Do I still think God is good? Do I still praise Him even when my power wheelchair gives up the ghost in the middle of a nearly depleted parking lot because the stores have closed, and it’s night and the temperature is dropping and I can’t reach my hat and gloves just three feet away? And now sleet is beginning to pelt me. And I’m out of town–all alone–and don’t know who to call. Is He still good?

Is God still good to me then?

O yes, He cares!
I know He cares!
His heart is touched with my grief.
When the days are weary, and the long nights dreary
I know my Savior cares!*

It’s true. All that “bad” stuff happened to me tonight–within minutes of posting this on a couple of social media sites:

When we go through the fire, there are two blessed truths that hold us steady: (1) God is OVER it, and (2) He will bring us THROUGH it.

That status/tweet came on the heels of this little gem:

The “all things” we have in Christ for life and godliness cover and combat the “all things” that come against us. 2Pt 1:3; Rom 8:28,37

You could say that I asked for it because faith that has not been tested cannot be trusted. Hmmm, another tweet? Confessing something is not good enough. That confession may be true in principle and theory but God knows that maturity comes when our hypotheticals become incarnational. Then, it is not merely a doctrine but a living reality; it is not only learned, it is owned.

The life of disability can be the most helpless, humiliating and debilitating script to follow but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It keeps me in a constant place of dependence, a perpetual confession of utter need, and robust faith in its Author and Finisher.

So there I sat–in a dead wheelchair in a sleet storm, at night, by myself–and, by His empowering grace alone, willed myself to baffle the realm of satan’s nefarious kingdom by praising, singing, trusting, believing, praying and putting shoes on my confession. I thanked my God that He was working out His perfect plan and that whatever was going to come out of this mess was going to be breathtakingly special. And eternal.

I’m home tonight, safe and warm in my bed, as I write this. That means my Rescuer came through mightily. Once again. One of these days I’ll tell you how He did it. It’s pretty cool.

Many are the afflictions/trials/heartaches/weaknesses/hardships/foils/scares of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Psalm 34:19


*Does Jesus Care? by Frank E. Graeff. Full text is here, and worth a look.

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20 Replies to “Through Many Hardships, Foils and Scares”

    1. Thank you Jason and Gary. You guys asked so nicely, how could I not share it with you?


      I had run out of options. I could not flag anyone down among the four or five cars in the lot because they couldn’t see me. I was somewhat hidden by the van and it was dark. So I prayed for God to send an angel as He has done for 30 years. Truthfully, He has NEVER left me stranded and hopeless. This time, He just whispered ‘911’ into my heart. I had NEVER called that number, but I obeyed. Long story, a team in an ambulance were not more than 5 minutes away. The guy who pushed my chair onto the lift and got me situated behind the wheel said, “This is a first!” but was more than glad to help.

      But that still left: what do I do when I get home? Call 911 again, God? Well, Sandy had not left for work and was still home. But there was a huge challenge…

      You gotta know that my chair is 325 pounds and I come in around 235. That’s over 550 pounds!!!! My wife is only a bit more than petite, but wiry. πŸ™‚ The sidewalk is a bit uphill and the door stoop is hard to negotiate. I could not help ONE BIT but God–only He–infused her with dynamic strength, and…voila!…next thing I knew, I was parked beside the bed, home safe and warm.

      The magnificent thing over all of this was the Presence that abided with me every moment, inch and mile. He truly can give songs in the night.

      1. So glad you shared the whole story. I love God stories and your life is full of them. On a side note we just had a speaker on Sunday talk about a verse where the wife is (in the Greek) referred to as the Rescuer and your story adds new meaning to that definition. Please never hesitate to share. It is a blessing to all who read it.

        1. Lesa, you remain a faithful encourager of the people of God, particularly those who seem to walk in fire! I would love to know that verse the speaker referenced. Of course, in my VAST Grk knowledge, I should be able to pull it out of the air.

          Yeah, right.

          I sincerely appreciate your added encouragement about sharing my life. Your gracious words humble and challenge me, sweet sister.

          1. I’m always cautious to try to make sure I quote accurately as I know I have many scholarly “Greek and Bible” friends so here goes from my sermon notes. Genesis 2:18 the term used to describe what God created (woman) for man in the Greek ‘ezer (ay-zer) is best translated as ally or rescuer. He emphasized the “rescuer” definition. I just thought it was very interesting and certainly holds the woman in high esteem. I hope that was helpful. I immediately thought of this sermon when I read your blog.

            Thank you for your kind words also. How can we ever encourage others if we don’t share our journey, struggles and victories in Christ ALONE?!

            You and Sandy Rock!

          2. Oh that’s good, Lesa! Thank you for digging out those notes for me/us. It strikes me that the first 3 chapters of Genesis are incredibly necessary for us to better understand the unfolding drama that is called redemption. If we miss the picture of the bride of the first Adam as the ultimate bride of the Last Adam, we miss quite a nuance of His love for us. Not that we rescue Him of course, but that He desires/needs us and yearns for us–as I needed my beloved the other night!

            Bless you. Sandy and I think you rock!

  1. So now you know how long that battery lasts . That is even a better God story than when you were stuck in your van so many years ago, trying to get your sick wife medicine and could not get out of your van in your manual chair, the van would not start, and there were no cell phones.
    Praising God for His provision, your rescuer, your safety, Sandy’s strength.

    1. Jonathan, thank you!

      I read your post and know I’ll be stoping by again. Your insights and writing style speak to me. Loved your “about” page. We’d probably have some good chats over coffee…

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