Since Genesis 1, the “blessing” has accompanied the human experience from the time God first blessed His creation – in every corner and every atom of it – to the very crown of His creation, the Original Pair.

Time and again, in the opening stanza of Genesis, God “saw” that His creation was good but He also “spoke” it. His benedictions over every living thing ascribed worth and prosperity to them. Nothing in creation was left wondering what it meant to its Father. Everything created has its Creator’s seal of approval.

Sadly, we often do not “say” the words that longing hearts bleed to hear. I read this week of a woman who grew up in a home of little to no affirmation from her father. After his passing she discovered he had kept a private journal and she pored over its pages to find something – anything – of her worth to him. To her darkest consternation, there was not a single affirming word found among the thousands.

I’ve met myriads of wives who never hear life-giving words from their husbands. Pastors (and their families) who have never been affirmed by their congregation. Congregants who are seen as little more than tithers and attenders to their unappreciative vicars. The numbers of sons who carry about ‘father-wounds’ is legend and daughters who grow up feeling their only worth is when they give up their bodies is a global pandemic.

Not so with the Father of Creation. Every corner of His creation and every molecule in between has known from the beginning how valued they are to their Father. And His crowning joy – Man and Woman – are kissed with the sacred affirmations of their Creator, being given dignity, vitality, worth and promise to carry His Name and His fully-satisfying work.

In recent studies, I’ve come to see that the opening chapters of Genesis 1-11 are a build-up, a preamble, for the meat of the redemptive plan of God in the earth. As Genesis 11 closes, we see a man – Abram – called out of pagan darkness and pointed toward the fountainhead of the Gospel. He becomes a foreshadowing of the future people of God who will live as pilgrims and exiles in the earth, awaiting their City. And God commences Abram’s mission with a blessing.

Later on, when Abraham’s tribe becomes a nation – birthed out of great tribulation, mind you – and stands poised on the border of Gospel Central, ready to become a Kingdom of Light-bearers to the nations, He sets before them a Priest who blesses them with the blessing of blessings.

Much later on, the nation fails as a redeemed and reconciling people, so the Lord Christ raises up a new race – wholly other – birthed through the death of Adam’s race and made alive by the power of Christ’s resurrection. She – the Bride and Body of Christ, His Church – is then sealed with the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

And, oh, how she is blessed by her Christ!

  • He says the powers of hell cannot overcome her
  • He blesses her with the keys of the Kingdom
  • She is given His authority to govern and affect the affairs of nations
  • He promises He will never leave her nor forsake her
  • He has not left her without the same Holy Spirit that accompanied Him on earth, that she might live exactly as He did, perfect in love and obedience to the Father
  • He has blessed His bride with every spiritual blessing!
  • She is seen as RIGHT NOW seated in heavenly places
  • Every promise of God to her is Yes! and Amen! in Christ
  • She has ready access to come boldly into His Throne-room and will never be cast out
  • The Bride has continual access to the Tree of Life
  • He imparts to her the hidden manna and a white stone
  • She operates in His full authority over the nations of men
  • He is to her as the Morning Star
  • She walks in white, gleaming in the righteousness of her Lord, and her name will never be blotted out of the Book of Life
  • The Holder of the Keys has left an open door for her of opportunity in the earth and Heavenlies
  • She is beloved and protected by His grace that covers her and bears His new name
  • He offers her co-heirship and co-regency to rule and reign with Him forevermore

And my list is startingly inexhaustive!

If you’re a husband – and you see how Christ so clearly loves His bride and gives Himself for her – and you know you are commanded to love and bless your bride in the same fashion … then it’s certain you’re realizing how much catching up you have to do!

(Not that you ever could!)

But Wait!

In the economy of God’s Kingdom on earth, through His Church, we are all entrusted with the privilege and responsibility to bless each other as Christ has shown us. Wives, do you bless your husbands with life-words? Children, are you honoring your parents and ascribing to them their worth to you … with words?

Like God, the Father, it’s not enough to only “see” the good and value in others, we have to “speak” it as well. There is in the tongue, after all, the power of life and death.

There will be more on this in tomorrow’s post. I hope you’ll join me again at that time. Spoiler alert: there will be a lot of blessings in that post!

Selah, beloved.

Comment Cue:

What other blessings – found in scripture – has our Lord spoken over His Bride?

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4 Replies to “The Blessing – Part 1”

  1. Convicted, thanks for the reminder of Christ’s love for us.

    My favorite blessing – spiritual adoption
    Gal 4 v5 to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons. 6 And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” 7 So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God.

    Now I have experienced adoption twice, physically and spiritually.

    A few years after my grandfather died, my mom showed me his will. He made sure I received the same rights as the natural born grandchildren. My mom explained that’s also what our Heavenly Father did.

    1. Sam, thank you for this. You had me weeping as I read your comment just now. I can tell you, that having my own adopted son, has made that promise and text come alive for me also. Graham was fully and firmly our own, so much so it was uncanny how much he looked like his dad!

      I’m blessed you put your moving, personal tone to this. We all are.

  2. I have always found great comfort in Psalm 121, specifically verse 3 “he that keepeth thee shall neither slumber nor sleep.” He promises to be ever watchful for us. We can rest in Him. Selah

    1. Beautiful scripture-blessing, Joyce! He, who leads us into sabbath rest takes no sabbath from us. Indeed, our joy and rest is His glad work. Thank you again, dear one, for graciously taking time to read and comment here. Blessings!

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