I remember it well. Valentine’s Day, 1983. A chocolate cake with white icing on which floated a curvy, squiggly symbol which, I learned, was shorthand for “I love you.” It was the very first time Sandy let me know how she felt even though I’d been laying those words on her for weeks while, to my consternation, she remained mum.

Until that cake.

That glorious, decadent cake.

That’s just like her: “I’m not going to tell you, I’m going to show you.” And she’s been showing me for 31 straight V-Days (and all the days in between).

I love you, my joyance. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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4 Replies to “Say It With Cake”

  1. Dear Scott, I long to speak to you. My husband had a baseball size brain hemorrhage on Jan 24. He is in rehab at Siskins Hospital in Chattanooga TN. one Siskin Plaza is the address. he is room 294 till Feb 27. Medicare says that is all he can stay. I will probably have him moved to Life Care in Cleveland TN after that because they have a similar rehab program. That is if medicare decides we are worth the effort. I am attaching some photos if I can figure out how. Ronnie has right side paralysis and is unable to speak (aphasic) . All of his cognitive ability has not returned but he ismproving daily. I do wish they would controll his blood sugar better but Ronnie had it down to anart and no one else has the same vested interest as Ronnie does. Since I am off Facebook I havn’t kept up with you very well. I do pray for you as God Brings you to mind. You have been an inspiration and I thank GOd for your ministry I pray God will use the trials ” we” are going through to minister to others also. Love in Christ Belinda Cribbs from Alabama/ West Huntsvill Baptist Church OOPS, Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 23:13:14 +0000 To: 1slim.sister@live.com

    1. Oh, Belinda…sorry I’ve been in absentia from my blog since this post. I gave my number to Pastor Scott. Please call when you are able, dear one. Loving prayers to you and Ronnie.

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