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The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet
Though to itself it only live and die.
– Wm. Shakespeare


Mostly, God speaks to me through scripture, but occasionally He does it through my inbox. Here’s what He said via an email yesterday. I took it for myself, but I’ll let you in on the blessing; I have a feeling you need to hear it too.

I’m in a weird long season, a desert of sorts. There’s been a dearth of ‘ministry’ and drive and purpose, but not a dearth of words from Abba. He’s letting me fight it out in private but always setting a lifegiving meal in front of me just so’s I know He’s not done yet.

Just so:

Do not underestimate your position in the Kingdom. Many of you feel like you are ineffective and even expendable. You may not be called to reach multitudes with the Gospel, but you can establish righteousness and peace where you are. You can exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in everything you are and do, says the Lord. You can bring love where there is hatred, truth where there is deception, and acceptance for all people. You can make a difference…

Boy howdy, I needed that.

(Let’s) Take it from that lone sunflower at the top of this post. You’re no weed or common wildflower; there’s something about you that is necessary and is made to stand out. You matter because the Son thinks so and has made it so.

And that’s all that matters.

Selah, beloved.

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16 Replies to “psalm from a sunflower”

      1. You are soo welcome! You are the most encouraging person I know. It’s a pleasure to know you, you have the heart of Jesus, truely!! πŸ’›

  1. Wow! That email you got was just what I needed to hear. Going through a number of trials/attacks all at once and those words were an encouraging oasis!

  2. That desert is crowded! Feeling I have reached an age where my lifelong job is done. My children are raised and gone. The doorbell doesn’t ring and it sometimes feels like my dogs are my only friends. “But God” has sent me reminders in this season (like your blog) that He is not finished with me yet. Waiting on Him.

    1. We’re a pair aren’t we? But thankfully, by God’s steadfast grace, we are not in the sorority of the despondent but the sorority of the expectant!

      I know exactly how to pray for you. Shalom, my dear friend.

  3. In my life, it has rarely been the leaders of crowds who challenged me to see God clearer. It has more often been the ones who saw Him in their alone places and He caused them to see me in mine. These are the ones……people like you, Scott Mitchell….who truly have purpose, impact, and legacy…….the aroma of Christ. Love this word.

    1. Yesterday, in my safe place with Jesus, I had some background music playing. Suddenly, a Larnelle Harris song (new to me) began: “you’ve preached to crowds, pews were filled, they hung on your words…..but you’re older, wondering if you matter……there’s ‘More to the Story’…..

      I know these things. The thoughts weren’t new. But what gave them power and life was Yahweh, Creator of the cosmos, Ancient of Days, Eternal…..stopped me in my tracks, made me face Him, cradled my face in His palms, made eye contact, and said them directly and personally – not generally – to me.

      Thanks, my dear friend. You have added an amen to His words, and I heard it clear and true.

  4. Well, just so funny I am just now reading this. It’s so easy to think I’m this little, insignificant drop in the pool of mankind. It’s easy to focus on my weaknesses and failures and “why do I still struggle so much??” The prophetic words are needed to remind us of God’s assignment for each of us and how significant it is to Him…how significant WE are to Him. Thanks Scott!

    1. Some tell of a ‘closed-door, double-bolted’ heaven where God is silent. My file of prophetic and directly comforting words in this lean time is bulging! God has been a close Father and I’m finding how much more I matter to Him, for *His* sake.

      I’m ‘thinking’ that’s the lesson of this time for me. If my meagerness can do some good, praise God, but not to draw a fine line from that, but only this: I’m His and He delights over me.

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