…and, quite possibly, save your marriage.


They call this the ‘Marriage-Saver.’  Use it.  You’ll thank me later.

Sidenote: Fortunately, this is NEVER a problem in my home…23 years and counting, guys…

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9 Replies to “Picture To Make Your Day…”

  1. Uuuuuhhhh…well, o.k., I guess it is better to be able to clean while standing up instead of getting on your hands and knees to clean behind (trying to avoid details!). Of course, MY husband is perfect and NEVER, EVER makes me clean on my hands and knees -he voluntarily keeps his own bathroom clean! Did I get a winner, or what! 😀

  2. Let’s just say that I’m happy that the wife has a short memory. And, I’ve become somewhat adept at saying, “Yes, dear.” just at the right time.
    One more thing, it never hurts to surprise her occasionally with chocolates and/or candlelight dinner.

  3. Hold on…wait…not so fast…I’m trying to write this stuff down. It’s quite good! Now, what was that you said about chocolates? What if your wife hates chocolate? (I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is KILLER around our house)

  4. We have an equal opportunity marraige. I never get mad about lifting the seat and she never gets mad about putting it down!

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