If you visit the Mitchell home, you’ll invariably find devotional flip calendars all over the house – kitchen, bedrooms, even both bathrooms. They’re not there for decoration; no, no, Sandy hand-picks them because she wants the words of God to adorn our modest estate. She’s a big believer in affecting the atmosphere of the family lair by gracing the home with written, spoken and artfully displayed truth-words.

Time and again I’ll hear an exclamation from the opposite end of our home:

Oh wow. That is so good…!”

What is, honey?” I call out.

This verse on today’s calendar. It’s, just…wow. Right where I am.”

It’s not uncommon to hear a guest emerge from the hall bathroom commenting on the good instruction their heart received from that Rolo-dex of rhema.

So…prototypical of any ordinary weekday evening, I was snapped to attention from my reading with Sandy’s chime:

Oooh, babe, listen to this…”

I rolled into the kitchen area and found her stirring her famous green beans with one hand and holding the tri-fold calendar with the other.

She read:

Pride asks: “How will it make me look?”
Greed asks: “What can I get out of it?”
Indifference asks: “Why should I bother?”
Selfishness asks: “What about me?”

The Cross of Jesus Christ puts to death the following attitudes:

SPITE: “See, I told you so.”
REBELLION: “I want my own way.”
CONTEMPT: “Who do you think you are!”
PRIDE: “You can’t treat me that way!”
REVENGE: “I’ll get even.”
DEFIANCE: “You can’t tell me what to do.”
SELFISHNESS: “I did it my way.”

Heart Attitudes of the Kingdom:

“How may I serve you?”
“I will wait for God’s time.”
“I am not my own.”
“This job is not beneath me.”
“I extend mercy instead of judgment.”
“I honor you.”
“Will this please the Lord?”
“By the grace of God I am what I am.”
“Thy will be done.”
“I did it God’s way.”

There were moments of mmm, yeah, wow, amen, then letting the sacred moment just hang there in the air for a beat or two. Then I thanked Sandy and told her she just gave me Thursday’s blog.

Part of the good fight of fomenting and protecting harmony in the home requires a diligent moratorium on words that belittle others and bolster selfish pride. Every word, each and every response – even in the tough conversations – must pass through the filter of delicately taking care not to injure another.

If any corruptible speech bulls its way through such stopgaps, then repentance must be encouraged – and forgiveness readily offered. Quickly.

A word: nothing is more disheartening than for the penitent offender to be cut off with,

I don’t wanna hear it!”

…no matter how much they might ‘deserve’ it…


You’re not sorry. You’re just saying it!”

And, equally, nothing is more frustrating than hearing the offender pathetically save face with,

I’m sorry…but you — “

If your home is more hell than haven, maybe put some calendars up around the house…and try reading the good words aloud to each other. Works for us.

We give thanks in our home for our daily bread, but we really live off of every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God – even when they’re printed on the flip page of a calendar.

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  1. Oh what a message your words gave to me tonight. Just this week I have been appalled at the words two of my children have spoken to each other. I will share your words with them and will be adding flip calendars to our home for the coming year. Blessings to you and Sandy!

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