If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll recognize these two encounters I experienced this week: one with William, and one with a wily apple tree.


Meet William. I met him today as I surveyed the Douglasville location for a new Michael Keaton movie going into production starting next week.

As I understand, the film chronicles the founder-slash-owner of the McDonald’s franchise, featuring Keaton and his co-star Laura Dern. I believe it’s going by the title, “The Founder.” Hard to imagine our tiny Georgia town picked as one of the location shoots, but we’ll take it. All this is cool and all, but for me, the movie company coming to town wasn’t the big story on this day. William was.

William is working part-time security and we shared a long, brotherly conversation beneath the adjacent magnolia tree. He loves Jesus unapologetically and says he has one purpose in life: to love people to Jesus.

Quite a benediction on my afternoon.


Yesterday I posted something about God being good, doing good, and how that’s my life’s credo.

God, you are indeed good, and you do [only] good.
Psalm 119:68

This I believe with all my soul.

Fifteen minutes later I was trying to hang a bird feeder on a tree limb on the soft earth side of our yard.


I remained stuck in the loam, wheels spinning, and tangled up in our apple tree’s branches for roughly two hours until Sandy rescued me…in varied and comical ways. Was it worth it? Well, you be the judge. Both apple tree, feeder – and, of course, the starring attraction –  are pictured in the collage above. For myself, I think it could be easily marked down in the ledger as a win.

And the moral of the story? God is still good.

So…tell me about your week.

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4 Replies to “My Week In Pictures”

  1. My wife saw the comment “as I surveyed the Douglasville location…..I .”. She asked what my friend Scott does for a living. I told her you were a “retired” Pastor.

    Did you get a new gig looking for movie locations?

    Love the stuck under the apple tree, most would not venture there.
    Your week was far more exciting than mine.

    1. Oops I never saw my wording as potentially misleading, Sam. Haha! Live and learn. Chalk it up to an innocent zealousness! Or a secret ambition I unconsciously nurture…


  2. Love, love, love your birds! Since red birds represent God’s love to me, indulge me to say you are not the first to get all twisted trying to lure it when it was right there all along . I have a gold medal in God’s love gymnastics .Thanks for sharing your beautiful birds……..and God’s love.

    1. Kelli, if you could see my ‘My Pictures’ file, you’d fairly faint and gasp over the imbalance of my red birds over every other beast in God’s creation – or at least in my backyard. I’m pining for a bluebird though!

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