You stimulate [us] to take pleasure in praising You, because You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they can find peace in You. – Augustine

Dwell deep in the hidden life of God. The cedar grows more beneath the ground than above it. – A. B. Simpson

True grace delights in secret converse with God. – Jonathan Edwards

Be still, and know that I am God. – Psalm 46:10


The following five resources have helped me and millions of others in their devotional life with God.

I call them “helps” because these should only augment your time with God, not replace it. Nothing, no, nothing, can beat just an open Bible, a fresh clean page of a journal, a pen and, well, of course, a mug of good coffee.

(Coffee is a must. It opens the receptors of the mind and infuses them with revelatory abilities that are stratospheric – not to mention it fills the inner temple with the aroma of heavenly incense. It’s so; I read it on the Internet.)


Back to front. Sorry.

The following are my own personal helps, ones I’ve used and continually go back to, those that faithfully reinforce and extend my time in the holy place.

There are others, of course, that deserve a place on the grid but these are very personal to me so I’m blessed to share them with you. Undoubtedly, you’ve used some of these yourself.

  • Come Away, My Beloved
    by Frances Roberts
  • Streams In The Desert
    by L. B. Cowman
  • My Utmost For His Highest
    by Oswald Chambers
  • Daily Walk Bible (Living Bible)
    Walk thru the Bible Ministries
  • The Valley of Vision
    Arthur Bennett, Editor

I simply cannot close off a list like this without adding an ‘honorable mention’ from Sandy.

Several years ago, before Sarah Young’s volume hit every bestseller list you could imagine, long before it became the must-read in every Christian circle, my Sandy sat with the Lord and said, “I’m tired. I’m soul-weary. I know I’m supposed to meet with You, God, but I don’t have it in me. I’ve cried every tear I think that’s inside me, and I feel empty and lost.” (this is her story to tell, so I will leave it at that)

So, in that desert season, she stumbled upon this little hardback book of soothing medication and fell into the healing grace of the Wound-Bearer. Since then, she’s probably bought dozens of copies to give out. So, I give you the bonus entry to this important list – to Sandy and me:

  • Jesus Calling
    Sarah Young

There you have it.

Mind you, it’s far from exhaustive…so…

…I’d love for you to share your devotional aids with me in the comment box below. I’m always looking for tried-and-true resources!

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2 Replies to “My Fave Five Devotional Helps”

  1. I love the new site, updates, and posts. You mentioned all of my favorite devo books. Come away my beloved and Jesus calling have been so on target for the journey God would have me on so many times. It would be as if that day was written only for me

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