The Lord really had me paying attention today.

Situated in my backyard, coffee and cameras at the ready and the Scriptures open before me, I was watching the birds flit and light around the feeders and perch among the branches.

I sensed Father tell me, “No, don’t watch them. Listen.”

The insistent little titmouse

Accordingly, the sounds of birds’ vocalizings erupted all around me. I was caught in a stereo world of songs and pleadings. This guy was especially intentional about the score he was following. Downright insistent, even. He’d hop from one branch to the next, tilt back, and resume each bar with pronounced rhythm and clarity. He was calling for a mate.

Another pop singer took the stage and projected his own desire for a bride with which to share his life. This time, on the other end of our yard, though I couldn’t see her, a prospective cardinal mate was answering, note for note, albeit her own rendition.

A cardinal, jealous for his bride-to-be

I was suddenly aware of the woods alive with chatter and gossip and competing vocals. I’m getting better at distinguishing, but only better. My abilities are pedestrian at best for now. But I’ll keep listening.

As for the guy at the top, he surprised me with his melody. Until this day, I’d only heard a titmouse cry a shrill, discordant noise, akin to the screech of an electric guitar or metal sawing metal. And yet today, it changed. It was far far closer to a song. The melody, though mesmerizingly persistent, was gorgeous. I’ll mention his insistence yet again: he was singing as though his desire had to be met on this day or he’d lose all hope.

“LISTEN!” his song seemed to project. “It’s time! Now or never! Who’s with me?”

So I got to thinking. Our Bridegroom Lord seems to be projecting quite clearly these days to those having ears to hear.

“LISTEN!” His song seems to project…

And His Voice – His Song – is changing. Before, to our distracted, untrained ears it came with distortion and delay. Now, because the time is near, He’s (ostensibly) changing His Song as He calls to His Bride from the four corners of the earth: “I’m ready! I’m coming! Are you ready to join Me?”

It’s a Song fit for a Bride.

Back to the future Mrs. Cardinal: she’s singing back! She obviously hears a song meant for her, and responds with a song directed at him. (As I write these words, two bright red missiles flew in single file beside me, one male chasing another’s tail from his domain, as he apparently brooks no competitors!) What might her song be saying?

Wouldn’t it make sense for her to relinquish her whole heart and destiny to her suitor with the cherished response of, “I’m here! I’m ready! Let’s start our adventure as one!”?

To which I say/sing:

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

Don’t you feel like singing along?


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5 Replies to “Listen, My Son, And You Will Hear”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful. And this blog’s theme resounded in my spirit. I too, like so many others, feel the urgency, expectancy, and bright hope of our Lord rising up from the Right Hand of the Father, and coming to gather His own…
    And this time, all shall see, for He is Lord of Lords and The King…for it is written on His thigh. He is coming as the King and will leave no doubt. So as they say, pray up and look up…for our King is draweth nigh!!

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