I’m enjoying a good cup of extra bold coffee as I write on this lovely Veteran’s Day in the Deep South of America. That’s a perfect lead-in for the subject on my heart. It might sound gross , but I want to talk about


[and I just lost you]

If I said it was “Jesus Spit” would you think differently?

[oh good, you’re back]

As I mentioned, though you’ll read this the day after, I’m poking my digits at my iPad screen composing this entry on Veteran’s Day. I’ve seen a moving number of old vets out and about today in their gold-embossed caps and windbreakers. One of them is at a table next to me.

All by himself.

Talking up a storm.

To himself.

And it’s more adorable than sad.

This is the day we salute the men and women of our nation’s armed forces and reflect with, “All gave some, and some gave all.” Cheers, heroes. You deserve every parade you’ll get, and then some.

For today I’d like to glow and gloat over the Truest Hero and though many who’ve followed in His train have given their all for His glory, all of us have given something that will live on into eternity…but He – Jesus – gave all…

And then some.

Mark 7:31-35 (The Voice Bible):
31 Jesus traveled on His way through Tyre and Sidon, eventually returning to the region of the Sea of Galilee. From there He pressed on to the area of the Ten Cities.* 32 Among the sick who were brought to Him was a man who was deaf and could barely speak at all, and those who brought him begged Jesus to lay His hands on the man. 33 Jesus took him aside from the crowd, alone, and touched his ears with His fingers. Then after spitting on His fingers, Jesus touched the man’s tongue. 34 Looking heavenward to God, Jesus sighed and commanded,
Jesus: Open up [Ephphatha!] and let this man speak.
35 [Immediately] the man could hear, his tongue was loosed, and he spoke plainly.”

Sometimes when you read God’s Word, you’ll come across something – a word, a phrase, a passage – and the thought will pop into your head: “it has to mean something!”

That’s what happened to me as I was reading this scripture. My eyes fell on the word “spit” and I asked the Lord “why…spit?”

Wouldn’t a word have sufficed?

– You didn’t SPIT the world into existence, you spoke it into being

– plus, the guy was DEAF. Why not put the spittle mixture into his EARS? Why only his tongue?

– spit comes from the tongue (and his tongue did need unloosing)…so…using this frame of logic, why not pull earwax out of Your ears and stuffing it into his ears?

Spit is, well, gross!

Musical instruments have “spit cups” – ever see those things dripping after a concert?

Baseball players are notorious for hocking loogies all over the diamond, the dugout steps, the batter’s box…

As boys, we often sealed deals by spitting into our respective palms…then shaking on it!

You ever have to patiently endure Grandma’s slobber on your neck?

The very worst, though, had to be the vitriolic spit directed at the Son of God as He made His way along the Via Dolorosa.

He offered this pathetic man His own spit.

Of course we know Jesus healed many ways (a touch, Mar 5:41; a word, Matt 8:13; or people touched Him, Mar 5:27)…and, more importantly…Jesus only did what the Father showed Him (John 5:19)

Well, after all these thoughts ran through my noggin, the prevailing truth that was deposited into my spirit was this:


What more reason does one need than that of Jesus engaging you in your most desperate need? With whatever means, however illogical, He chooses? Spit is such an intensely personal offering from an intimate reserve. The best kisses are dampened with the stuff.

This man’s faith was weak. Hope was illusive. The religious practitioners didn’t care a whit about the man…or they were powerless to care for him.

What did Grace give him? Something tangible, albeit spit. He didn’t get a word, he got an elongated sigh. Not a long-distance command, or a quick brush, he received something so scandalous, so deftly personal…something so totally unexpected.

He got divine spittle.

So far as we know, no one else in all biblical and extrabiblical history, from Adam until now, received such a transfer from the Lord of eternity.

Feeling left out?

No need to.

Jesus had all kinds of bodily fluids to give up, and He spared nothing of Himself when it comes to His elect:

  • His SWEAT (Luke 22:44) – He was determined to get through to you!

  • His TEARS (Jn 11:35) – His compassion knows no bounds!

  • His BLOOD (Jn 19:34) – His Love covers a multitude of sins!

  • The next time you think Jesus has only done for others but not for you…remember…He gave all of Himself to you – and then some.

    Selah, beloved.

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