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Let not the greatness of your transgressions appall you; let not the deep needs of your soul discourage you; let not the turpitude of your guilt dismay you; let not the intensity of your grief overwhelm you.

You deal with a God whose love is infinite and can infinitely more than reach the farthest extent of your need.

Come with your great and your minor sins; come with your deep and your shallow needs;

come to His infinite ocean of love,

in which the elephant may swim and the lamb may wade.


– Octavius Winslow, 1808-1878

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8 Replies to “infinite ocean of love”

  1. His redeeming love for us is so amazing when we see His holiness and how undeserving we are. Studying Hosea and God’s unfailing love right now. What a blessing!

    1. So wonderful to hear from you Beth! Oh YES! How beautiful is the gospel pictured in that wonderful little book… I preached from Hosea not long ago and i’m always greatly moved by its message.

        1. You are so beautifully kind; alas, I’ve been so remiss at posting here (the Lord has been working on me in other areas 😊) but I feel I’m to splash about in this stream again! Bless you for sharing, Beth.

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