You never know what you’ll find out there in blogosphere: some of it good, some bad. Chalk this one on the ‘good’ side:

God spoke the universe into existence. Everything is made for His glory, including us.

Something interesting a Christian friend shared with me this week. At the far edges of the universe, about as far as we can see, is the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51). It’s 23 million light years away. Here’s a photo from the Hubble telescope (this is actually what is seen inside the core of the galaxy–S.M.):

God is in the Big Things

One of the tiniest, wee things we can see is laminin, a structure of polypeptide chains that are an integral part of holding nearly all animal tissue together. Here’s what it looks like:

God is in the Small Things

A visual reminder that Jesus gave His life for us, and no matter where we go, there He is.

Thanks to Michael @ for sharing this post…

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8 Replies to “He’s Looking At You, Kid”


    god doesn’t exist!

    theres no god or crist or jesus.

    everyone who believes in god, is wasting time.

  2. Kyllalahtee, you are MOST welcome to comment here. Thank you for inserting your belief. I have found through the years that most who ‘think’ there is no God have, at some point, felt abandoned or betrayed by Him. There is a HUGE sorority that fits in this category. Don’t ask me how I know, but I can sense in your brief comment that you have intelligence, and I also believe you are open, if only a crack, so I would challenge you to read C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”. I think you will also find some of the commenters here will share their hearts with you as will I and, who knows? A dialogue? I hope you come back…

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