Yes, that’s actually our late son’s voice on the recording. He was probably a year and a half at the time. Graham didn’t start walking until 15 months (I worried he’d grow up to be like his Dad), but he was talking in full sentences and singing beautifully – and in perfect pitch, mind you – much, much earlier than that. I love that Sandy sings this song to her baby. I had to coerce her, but the final product proves she was the only one who could (and should) do it.



Little boy, fruit of my prayers
Mommy’s heart trembles as she sees you lying there
Innocent eyes, blue as an ocean
Sparkling and dancing as they look back at me
I’m warmed in my soul
I can’t believe I’m holding you
Little boy, you’re my dream come true

You’re more than I prayed for
You transcend all my dreams
So much more than I prayed for
You play on my heart-strings
You are a melody
Soft as an April breeze
You have made my life complete
And you’re more than I ever could have dreamed

A miracle, that’s what you are
You showed me such courage when you passed through the fire
Given in love, kept by His grace
I pray that you’ll follow Him all of your days
My little man of God
Whatever He wants I want for you
Little boy, you’re my dream come true.


Little Gra, my little boy
Little Gra, my heart’s joy


Note: My thanks to Nathan Thaxton for converting the recording (off an album in 1991) to an mp3 file and cleaning it up for us, and to Ka-Ka Thaxton, another one of Graham’s many ‘moms’, for finding a cassette player and preserving this magical moment!

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    1. He was a marvelous child! All boy, all fun, cutest kid around. He loved J because he saw how good your hubby was to his Dad. I know they’re having quite a conversation over there…

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