In the next few days I want to share with you a word I strongly believe the Lord has put on my heart for His followers as we face a new year. It’s a challenging (hint, hint) word, I assure you, not to instill fear but to bolster our resolve. So, on the front end of such a sobering message, I felt it imperative to remind you that not only are we on the winning side, we also have trustworthy God.

It’s easy to say the things that God is: faithful, holy, love, etc., but as 2014 is being filed away into the archives of history and a new year is being unpacked, it’s vital we also see the things that are foreign to the nature of God – in order to approach the unknown with a fearless outlook.

So, in that spirit, let me start this thread by saying that


  2. My favorite college team was fortunate to play in a bowl game last night but I didn’t watch it live, but, rather, I added it to my DVR queue. I can’t take the drama. I don’t like doubting my Dawgs and losing hope during the game. I enjoy being relaxed and watching a tight contest makes me anything but. I checked my ESPN app throughout the evening, saw my boys were handling the challenge well, and braved looking at the score when I knew it was over. To my delight, it was a blowout. Not even close.

    So, I got up today, completed my morning rituals then fired up the ‘ol DVR. I watched the game from kick-off to closing whistle (fast-forwarding through commercials and half-time) and never once got nervous. That’s right: I already knew the outcome. Nothing in that game – sack, turnover, missed opportunities or defensive lapse – could upset my composure. I knew two things: I knew it would work out no matter how bad things *appeared* and I knew how it ended.

    I was … unflappable.

    Beloved, our God is not nervous about the news. From ISIS to Ebola to whatever’s going on in your life, all is well from His vantage point. He knows the end from the beginning and confidently operates His will unhindered, unmoved and unstoppable. Oh, and He doesn’t need a DVR to hedge His bets. He watches it live and is not the least bit flummoxed.

    He’s not at all shaken!

    My grandmother used to say “I might be tremblin’ but the Rock ain’t tremblin’ underneath me.” I shared the story a few posts back about the ship in grave danger upon a storm-tossed sea. The passengers were ordered belowdecks but one of the travelers wanted to see how things fared. He climbed to the main deck and was immediately terrified by the scene before him. The waves were high above the ship and the storms lashed the vessel mercilessly. Then he stole a fearful glance at the wheel of the boat and saw the captain had bravely strapped himself to it so as not to be swept overboard and to guide the ship through the perilous squall.

    Remember what happened next?

    The passenger watched as the captain churned against the onslaught, bravely steering his voyagers safely through. Then, marvel of marvels, the man saw the captain turn to him … and smile.

    Can you see Him smiling?

    I assure you, everything is happening exactly as it should be, perfectly on time. God is not bowing to the pressure of your news or anyone else’s. There’s nothing but peace around His Throne.

• • • •

I have three more “God Is Not…” reminders for us over the next days – all in preparation for a challenging “new year” word for all the saints who have ears to hear.

Next: God Is Not Silent

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3 Replies to “God Smiles At Trouble”

  1. Happy New Year, congrats on the blowout, I enjoy the drama. We watched the Nov 29 game again, it was nice to know the score while we were watching it.

    Kinda of like reading the end of the book of Revelations, we know how it will end.

  2. I have read this over and over. Waiting for next installment. God is smiling at this week of challenges that seem too great a storm. How, how, how can you keep up your spirits so well? Thanks Scott and happy new year 12th Day of Christmas to you. (It is Tuesday January 5, 2015) Peace of Christ.

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