..weird to say on a Sunday, I realize.

We know the phrase “going to church” is both inaccurate and passe.

The church, of course, is not a building you go to.

However, after reading this, I wonder if “church” might not be putting words in our Lord’s mouth too?

Perhaps if the church…er, ekklesia started gathering this way, we might look less like a reading circle or weekend club that meets and more like an army that is marshaled!

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4 Replies to “Don’t Think I’ll Be Going To “Church” Anymore…”

  1. *“For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” —Isaiah 56:7*

    When I think of ‘prayer’, I tend to think of continual communion with the Father.

    It brings to mind this passage as well…
    “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” (Psalm 22:3)


    1. Welcome back from Voice of the Martyrs, Mic! I know you and Evelyn met our Lord in powerful and refreshing ways these past few months. I am looking forward to the new paths He has for you as you serve His Body soooo faithfully and tirelessly. Love to you, my eternal brother!

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