I asked DeShawn if I might get his picture but he was a bit skittish about that… very humble dude…
I asked DeShawn if I might get his picture but he was more than a bit camera shy… very humble dude…so his company’s logo is the best I could pull off.



Feeling moved to give a witness.

Quite recently I was stuck in my wheelchair for 4 1/2 hours. No, not in my yard as per usual, but in my house. A faulty motor kept me in a full tilt position preventing me from forward motion, everything vital to my daily needs well out of reach – except for my phone, thankfully. Lord knows I’ve learned my lesson on that front. I was dead in the water.

Since God gave me extended prayer time 😆 I boldly asked quite specifically for “someone with compassion” to rescue me. It’s never easy for me to call or cry for help; I don’t want to put anybody out.

So Lord, put me in touch with someone who understands, cares, and drops everything to help a brother out. Oh, and someone who knows what they’re doing would be nice too.

I tentatively dialed the company that manufactured my wheelchair, nary a mustard seed of faith in my heart. Long story short, I was routed to DeShawn, a technician at NuMotion.

Good ‘ol DeShawn.

My hero, DeShawn. 

This good man rearranged his afternoon to include me in an emergency house call – that very day! – and got me fixed up and mobile. DeShawn said he couldn’t live with himself knowing I was stuck for hours and that his happiest moments are when he can help disabled folk.

DeShawn, a twenty-two year vet in the biz, is the best and most compassionate technician I’ve ever had. And utterly knowledgable.

God did that.

He heard my cry and it played out gloriously right when I was running out of hope. As Anne Lamott puts it, “Grace bats last.”


Psalms 34:19
Many are the afflictions [and sticky situations, pesky inconveniences, myriads of frustrations, mountains of heartaches, etc.*] of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all. (*Editorial license)

So when you bow to pray today or tonight, just breathe this: “God, thank you for DeShawn and bless him.”

I just wanna weep at how good God is to His own.

Can I get a witness?


DeShawn contacted me before the weekend to tell me he was outfitting my chair with better, more durable parts and would be by on Monday.

Then he went far beyond the extra mile and left me with his personal digits in case I needed him over the weekend, and told me I wouldn’t be a bother because it is his pleasure to serve me.

Yeah. Jesus knows who to send.


And, fittingly, I thought I’d close out this post with this nice little tune…

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