In the next few days you’ll notice significant retooling and rebranding of the website. We’ll even be migrating to a new platform and a new dotcom location. Anticipating these changes, I’ve begun refreshing some of my ‘static’ pages (About Me, About This Blog, My Story).

The cosmetic and technical changes will afford me to do more with the blog, providing greater freedom and flexibility and that’s exciting as I go full-bore into the next assignment God has for me.

I’m grateful for the tip from Frank Viola to solicit the help of a grace-filled brother, Jeremy Myers, at Grace Blogger, to assist me with these changes, er, improvements!

Hopefully, the rollout will happen this week, God willing, or soon thereafter. Bless you for being a part of this little community I forged way back in 2006. And tell your friends about me here…and there…when I get there!

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