This post (marvel of marvels) is dedicated to Kris, JT and the rest of my GP community who might be wondering “where’s Waldo?”

I feel I owe you this:

To you, my Green P@stures community, you’ll notice there have been limited–if any–postings for the past couple of months.  I have to confess to you that I have absolutely and puzzlingly lost any and all zeal, passion and inspiration for writing, but I have every hope in Christ that this present malady is not permanent.

I may post again from time to time, but I do believe there are some things the Lord is speaking
into my life that are taking some time to take root.  So, I offer this simple post just to say: please offer me this grace to check in from time to time as well as to remember me in
your prayers.

All is well (and getting better all the time!).

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15 Replies to “By Way Of Explanation…”

  1. Well Scotty, I was wondering what was going on. I can understand having a case of “writer’s block”–I have been experiencing the same malady. I pray that this will be a wonderful New Year for you. Keep in touch!


  2. Amen, brother.
    I’m not far behind ya…

    I just have a couple of more things that I want to ‘put out there’, and then I’ll be signing off myself.
    Virtual Life is great, but it’s time for me to trade it in for more of the real thing.

    Love you,

  3. Greetings. This seems to be a common conclusion among many. I’m pondering my own continual involvement here, although I’m not certain as to when the final post will arrive. Something that Susan (Faithwalk) mentioned a while back as we were talking about this. She stated words to the effect of “When it’s time to let it go, we’ll be in such a place spiritually that it will be as nothing.” Kind of like letting go of a weight that’s tying holding us back. It’s been a good season. A really good season and relationships have emerged which will remain forever. But for now, the seasons are “a-changing” and the time is short. The Lord has placed some distinct things on my heart and this venue will, at some point, will have to be let go.

    I’m not done yet (I don’t think) but the time is fast approaching. Thanks for taking time to check in. Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  4. Amen Johnny to your comment as well. I see a mass cyber-exodus in the near future as the Lord Jesus is doing a short work in the earth.

    Blessings always in Jesus.


  5. Hey Scott,

    I haven’t posted to my blog since around the middle of November. I still checked my favorite bloggers but they were silent too. Mmmm. . .I wonder what God is doing in our hearts. Stay tuned, God is changing me and He is using everything and everyone I know to do it.


  6. Can you please suggest where I might purchase the photo of the child in your 6/07 blog entry THE LEAST OF THESE?
    Thanks in advance.
    Kevin Cain
    P.S. Please email me directly.

  7. Kevin, I really appreciate your visit to the site, especially when I have offered so little in the way of activity for several months! Bet you had to blow the dust off the place, didncha? Blessings to you.

    Thanks, friend Mic, for helping Kevin out. As usual, you are spot-on!

  8. Caleb, what indeed IS going on? I’m busy reading, praying, ministering, loving, growing–all these things. Writing? Not so much, and I cannot explain it. But I also cannot remember when my life has been so full! Trust the same is with you, and, from your last line, I believe it to be so! Isn’t God good in all His divine excavations and renovations in us?


    Blessed Resurrection Day!

    Thanks for checking in, brother…

  9. Aloha, Jeff! Don Ho! Bookem, Danno! (Are these common Hawaiian greetings?)

    You make me smile. Bless you, my overseas pal. Are you keeping things on the air?

    Thanks for checking in on your old Temple fellow…

  10. JT, just knockin on your door late at night. Got any bread?


    I smile when I think of you as well, brother. God is still singing over you and it’s in the top ten with a bullet! He is Risen!

    How cool is that?


  11. Timbob,

    My friend! Glad you are well. Your sentiments expressed here are so right. What a joyous work He’s given us strength for–and why wouldn’t He? It’s HIS work, not ours…and what an inextricably tight-knit cyber-community we share. Praising my Lord for His Life! I know you’re out there doing the exact same thing…

    Looking with nose against glass for the Bridegroom Lord with you, brother!

  12. “…it’s in the top ten with a bullet!”

    Oh my goodness.

    I _just_ got that.

    I wusn’t held back in fif grade fer nuthin, I gess.

  13. JT. did one of the Chik-fil-A cows get aholt of yer compooter just then???


    Oh, and I hear tell you may have vizzitid NR recently…church hasn’t been the same since!

    (He’s still singing over you, my friend)

  14. 😀

    The family and I did enjoy our time there.

    Hmm…I thought I wiped my feet outside on the doormat comin’ in!

    Sorry about that,bro…


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