Seems like I’ve been here before…

(Note January 17th’s post from earlier this year)

…which means we’ve been here together…

…which means: “Lucy! You’ve got some ‘splaining’ to do!”

ELEVEN posts all year?  Eleven?!?  That hardly qualifies as blogging, mind you.  So, where ya been…? 

First off, let me give you a list of ten things I’ve NOT been doing:


  • sitting still (sitting, yes, but not still)
  • running a special ops mission in Myanmar
  • filming as Stallone’s stunt double in Rocky XVII (not yet anyway)
  • throwing back a few with Joe the Plumber
  • solving the issue of global warming and why it’s snowing in London and cold in Florida today
  • stewarding over the bailout and what monies go to who (whom?) and how much
  • genetically reengineering broccoli to taste like cookie dough
  • losing weight (I’m pretending cookie dough is really broccoli in disguise)
  • thinking the media is NOT actually slanted in Obama’s favor
  • blogging (of course you knew that already)


I’m okay.  In fact, all is quite well.  I just needed a long sabbatical from this but it has never been far from my heart.  I miss my community.  Darla, your comments are touching.  Thanks for persistently rapping on the door until your knuckles are probably bleeding by now.  We’ve never met, but I imagine you to be a friend that’s true, faithful, and who everyone wishes they had.  God bless you, dear one!

And to all my other readers out there (Jerald, Covenant Bride, Godsgal, et al) who have made this website the best read blog in the history of the universe, just know I “think” I’m ready to start posting again.  I think.  Don’t hold me to it.  ‘Cause, well, we’ve been here before. Then again, you never know.

Oh, who am I kidding? All of you have probably gotten tired of knocking, finding nobody home and gone on with your lives.

See ya next year!


Post Author: Pasturescott

2 Replies to “A Word Of Explanation”

  1. NEXT YEAR!!!!!! are you kidding??? I got so excited to see you posted…and you even said nice things about me…and I am your friend who you haven’t met yet..but one day if not here ..there..please do come back…I missed you sooooooooo!!!! love you brother, saying a prayer for you…please post before next year…and I am really glad you are not MIA due to Joe the plumber..starting not to like that guy so much.. 🙄

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