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Psalm 23 teaches us to embrace the immensity of the adventure that takes us home. David has been there. He knows. He’s learned the twists and pitfalls, the sunny trails and the dangerous cliff edges. He knows where the forks are and the spacious green fields. He’s painted us a picture in this stanza. He’s set a table in the wilderness for us and invited us to hear his adventures by a roaring campfire…

I’m not home yet. But I’m closer than I was 35 years ago when my dad read me this psalm that calmed my terror-stricken heart back then. Wild dogs were snarling at me from that dark valley of death but goodness and mercy were there all along, leading me home.

Every mile, every trial,
every cross, every loss,
Every step, every stop,
All has been mercy and grace.

Through every danger, toil, and snare
Mercy and grace has followed close beside, nipping at my heels.

I could as easily have called this message “Dad and Me and Psalm 23” because the two are so intimately entwined in my life. You’ll see why.

What you’ll hear today is from a recent sermon I shared with the wonderful people of West Huntsville Baptist Church* back in late May. I pray it’s a blessing and encouragement to you…and that the calming grace of our Shepherd God will lay a blanket over your soul.

As always, thank you for listening – and by all means, please share this podcast episode with others who might need the Lord’s comfort as well.

*Β I absolutely LOVE these people! My wife and I had our very first date on their campus wayyyy back in 1982 – just 4 months after my life-altering, life-bettering ‘accident’ (go to the “My Story” page)! Then youth pastor Pastor Scott (whose wife’s name is also Sandra) invited me to share my very new-to-me story at their fellowship’s Valentine Banquet, so I took my future sweetheart along for the occasion. Scott has been one of my life’s most important encouragers. So, what you’ll hear today is us being with our faith family of three decades…

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5 Replies to “A Psalm That Calms”

  1. My Favourite scripture… My dad would always use this Psalm when I was a little girl when I was scared and couldn’t sleep. Today it is my ‘go to’ scripture still.
    Was hanging on every word you said. So easy to listen to, and it really spoke to me, that God is always shepperding me, and more so in my darkest moments.
    Thank you for your touching word. I also love what you say about Sandy seeing the light touching the edges of the dark tunnels. 😊

    1. Dearest Deanna – thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts! I love your heart and know it’s been passed on to you from some beautiful people. Thank you for sticking in there and listening to the whole thing πŸ˜„ I’ve got to get less long-winded πŸ˜†. Truly, your encouragement is everything to Sandy and me…

      1. Sorry just seeing this comment now. Didn’t receive an email to notify me.. So I just thought I’d check cause you always seem to reply.. Truely was easy listening! Especially when you know it’s talking to your heart 😊

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