As I’m sure you’re well aware, gracious reader, I haven’t posted for better than a week. All is well; I’m merely engaged in hostilities against physical afflictions both familiar and unfamiliar. Neither has me destined for worse days I assure you; they do tend to take the wind out of one’s sails, however.

Thanks for your prayers. That, and you’ll never know how your simply reading the things I need to say touch me in ways that get past all my paralysis to a place of real feeling. I hope to be back in writing mode again soon. I think I still owe you a follow-up from last time.

Until then,

God remains good.

The best is still yet to come.

We have every reason to smile.


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11 Replies to “A Note To My Readers”

  1. I did miss your blogging. I am sorry to hear you are facing these physical challenges. Glad to hear you are going to do the next installment when you can. Blessings of the Numbers 6:24-26 kind, invoking our Lords name into them.

  2. Hearing from you always makes me smile!! Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Praying for you and believing for your health to be restored… completely!! We love you, Pasture… always! ~Alisa <3

    1. And your notes and affirmations always make me smile, Alisa! You are a sunbeam that cuts through a gloomy wood, dear one! I receive in Christ all you’ve prayed for me, and thank you!

  3. I did not realize that you had started your blogging again. On a whim, as I was cleaning out my email account today, I clicked on your blog. AND HERE YOU ARE!!!!! I have missed you, my friend. For some reason, your blog posts are not showing up in my inbox, so I have re-registered. Have been through some rough physical trials myself since the week before Christmas, and so your words have lifted me up today, as they always do. I will keep in touch now that I know you are still online.

    1. Debbie, dear friend! May God reward you for your kindness to write your heart here. I am elated you found me and hope in Christ to offer encouragement to you as you’ve offered me. I trust and pray your trials have drawn to a close and you are enjoying His peace and health.

    1. Hello precious daughter of the Most High! Your kind thought and prayers have carried me through a difficult physical season, my dear. From the tenderest place of my heart I thank you, Amy, and send (our) love to you, Ryan and the kids!

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