“I weep because God was willing to stick it out with me through all my anger and all my despair, wanting me to be healed more deeply than I could have believed possible. I have received so much more than I asked for.”

•Paula D’Arcy•

Taken in my backyard
Taken in my backyard

ON A PERSONAL NOTEI don’t worship a nature-god but I do worship nature’s God. It’s nigh to impossible to see through nature’s lens and not be drawn into worship, not just of His creative beauty, but His infinite desire to share His Life with His own. And, because of His Son Jesus, you and I are at the top of His love-list. Selah

* Glowing thanks to my long-time friend Joy for her spirited recommendation. Now I know why you were so eager for me to get my hands on it!

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  1. ink my comment today went to the wrong blog post. I was meaning to tell you thanks for this beautiful gift I got from Jesus today. I was felling kinda down and not so happy with results of prayers these past few days. I think God must move the bar up or extend the distance to Him to exercise our faith muscle. This was the most absolutely perfect answer to my prayers. i mean God hears the cry of my heart. Psalm 27 speaks directly of this. Now here I go to this audio version of Paula’s book, “The Gift of the Red Bird” and it was almost as if Jesus had spoken directly to me in an audible voice. It was such a sweet sound to hear in the time between darkness and daylight literally. Thank you for putting the Word of God out to us and for passing on this good read.

    1. Hallelujah dear one! My friend Joy gifted me with the persistent encouragement to set all my other reading aside and let this one claim my heart! I’ve since ordered another (presently reading ‘Seeking with All My Heart’). I totally get your enthusiasm!

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