Wesley Vickers, with some young Burmese orphans in Thailand.

Meet Wesley. 

About three years ago, as I was seeing our young guys’ community group grow, I kept hearing about this Wesley kid who was on something called “The World Race” and had contracted malaria and was in desperate need of our prayer.

Lo and behold, Wesley recovered, returned home after his 11-month stint across the belly of our globe, and joined our group. What a pleasant gift that was! It wasn’t long before Wesley was gone again, this time to a leadership training school in Spain for several more months. He returned, challenged us, blessed us some more, then said, “guys, I’m headed back on the World Race.”

Sadly – yet gloriously – he was off again unto blessed verizons, divinely led.

In Spain with Danielle, the love of his life.
In Spain with Danielle, the love of his life.


TWR is affiliated with Adventures In Missions and offers young adults the opportunity to live in “raw community” for 11 months, traveling through 11 countries,  living and sharing the gospel with the “least of these.”

This, from their website:

We’re calling you out of your comfort zone and giving you exposure to what God is doing in the world before you commit to the American dream. Because it’s not about you, it’s about the Kingdom.

How cool is that?

Well, I recently had the privilege of doing a podcast with this young lion who is bent on living out the pleasures and power of the Kingdom of Christ’s reign, sacrificing all to see that embodied in his life, and got blown away. You will too when you listen to our super-charged conversation.

If you’d like to schedule Wesley to share with your community group, church or event, or learn more about The World Race for either yourself or your son or daughter, you may visit him at his blog. He’d love to hear from you!

Now, hit the arrow on the player and enjoy Wes’s heart in this podcast:



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