My last Father’s Day with my son. Graham was leading worship at The Garden and in the doing revealed who he really was, deep down.

beautiful boy

you died too young but just in time


it was a mercy to wrest you free

from the powers that sieged your walls and

stormed your gates.

you’re safe now, son, from axis threat –

the missiles spreading fire to your soul.

now lay you down on golden hills

wrapped in Arms

that shield from harm,


can i still miss you?


come wind and fire,

come tempest, ire

you’ll not reach my boy where he now knows life 


where he waits for me with gleaming skin

for that someday when he’ll come sprinting, laughing, wildly waving

on ::Father’s:: day

at last. it’s all good

but for now – while mourning precedes morning – i’ll still go on missing

what was and

what could be and


of the man you are.

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10 Replies to “can I still miss you?”

  1. Exquisite poem and blog!! In Randy Alcorn’s book titled “Heaven”…he reminds us that the Bible points to the fact that all we go thru down here, all that the Lord allows, is in preparation for our (for lack of a better word…)…for our *job*…rather our assignment, role, positions in Heaven. His greatest soldiers are trained the hardest, and I daresay that, you and your lovely bride will Mighty Royal Soldiers of grand roles prepared and saved especially for you both, upon yalls arrival in Heaven. God bless you both mightily…psalm 5 vs 12💛⚓🍃👑☝

  2. What beautiful words Scott. I am still grieving my nephew who was taken also by that horrible addiction. It’s been 1 year and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. He was 23. I remember Graham so well from your camp days. What a sweet boy

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