You may be wondering: Why ‘Pasturescott’???

Cute story.

I served for seventeen wonderful years as a senior pastor in the metropolitan Atlanta area. It was during my pastoral years I earned the treasured nickname “Pasture.”

When the young children of our fellowship called me ‘Pastor Scott’, it came out more like “Pasture Scott” from the precious drawl of the tykes, and it just stuck. Fitting for shepherding, don’t you think?

So…Pasture it is.

I have been a paraplegic since 1981 (My Story) and desire more than anything to encourage the Body of Christ – particularly the hurting remnant – in the sovereignty of God in our suffering and how His aim is to bring us into the fullness of His purposes in Christ, all the while sustaining us with overcoming grace.

I’ve been in active ministry since 1983 and alongside me every ‘step’ of the way has been my bride and beloved companion, Sandy. That’s 34 deeply satisfying years (and counting!) if you’re keeping score at home. She’s the hottie up there in the pic with me.

We adopted a newborn boy, Graham, and enjoyed his adored place in our lives for twenty-four years. Graham is now feasting at Jesus’ table (See Good Grief and subsequent posts).

Thanks for parking here with me a bit. I truly hope you’ll find, through my posts, some green pastures to lie down in and some quiet streams for reflection and meditation. Such places where you can exchange your parch-ness for His plenty and your aches for His adequacy. And may goodness and mercy follow you on your journey!


Scott Mitchell
(aka, Pasture)
December, 2017



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