Screen Gems

My wife and I just conversed on our Verizon phones, she with the nicer one, and in the midst of our repartee, I called her “baby” followed by “and nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Which got me thinking about famous movie lines. Not very spiritual, I know. Sue me.

I quickly imagined a blog about such matters, thinking your comments might add to these memorable quotes off the top of my head:

“That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?” (Bette Midler, Beaches)

“I’m the king of the world!” (Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic)

“Bond. James Bond.” (Sean Connery, Dr. No)

“My momma always said ‘life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.'” (Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump)

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” (Mel Gibson, Braveheart)

“Yo, Adrian!” (Sly Stallone, Rocky)

Care to add more?